roberta glick

“ I first learned of Juniper & Karl on a neighborhood list when I was looking for yard maintenance.  That was about a year ago.  I am extremely pleased with their work and the care and attention they give unfailingly give to the details, even the smallest.  To date I have not used their other services, but most definitely will.  If you want a strong personal recommendation, mine could not be stronger”.  

erin chavez

We can not express how grateful we are for Juniper and Karl. We had the most AMAZING experience with We Got This Santa Fe. They can do anything and everything, and it’s done flawlessly. Not sure what we would have done without them really.
Originally, I asked Juniper to do just my wedding flowers. I was lucky enough to have seen what she can do and just fell in love. As the planning went on, I added more and more to her scope. She is just so amazing at everything! Juniper is so organized, detail oriented, creative, fun, reliable, budget conscious, time conscious, brilliant and much much more. She helped me with all kinds of ideas for decor, ideas of where and when to get everything (the best deals), I even enlisted her and Karl to be our wedding day coordinators. 
When it came to the wedding, our venue had a few hiccups (to put it nicely). Luckily, Juniper and Karl were there to save the day. They did so much for us: they took control of making sure the venue was living up to their promises; they decorated and set up the entire event, plus the church; they made sure the bridal party got all their flowers, pinned and all; they directed people and helped them find their tables; I could go on. I don’t think we even know everything they took on for us that day, they are just that wonderful. 
They put everything they had into making sure our day was just perfect, and we couldn’t be more grateful! Everything was just so unbelievably gorgeous!! Their attention to detail, their ability to make things happen, their helpfulness and thoughtfulness is just so incredible! Such a perfect day and it was totally because of We Got This Santa Fe. Juniper and Karl really went above and beyond. We couldn’t speak more highly of them, so much appreciation!!

Marsha Pincus

As someone who needs to travel often,   I was always worried when I would be away from my home in Sante Fe.   All may concerns were alleviated when I met Karl and Juniper!   They look after my property when I'm gone,  take care of my garden and landscaping in the spring, summer and fall and shovel me out in the winter.   They've done, cleaning,  small repairs and inside painting jobs for me -- all executed with care and a positive attitude.  They are professional, personable and reliable.     "We Got This Santa Fe" truly makes my life as a property owner in ( and away!) from Santa Fe possible.  I can recommend them to all my neighbors with enthusiasm.

Marsha Pincus

Two Ravens of Santa Fe, LLC. 


They mean it - they got this! I’ve been more than pleased with Juniper and Carl’s work on several occasions. They come up with solutions to my landscaping problems, clean up seemingly intractable messes, do dump runs, and more. And they work fast and always with friendly good humor. Can’t go wrong with We Got This Santa Fe!

Mary thompson

Juniper and Karl are organized, easy to work with, and do a great job at whatever needs doing around my house and yard. I really appreciate their attention to details, plus everything is tidy and somehow arranged much better when they are done.  I continue to recommend them to friends. 


joyce lilly

Juniper is awesome, she and her husband helped me do lots of things during our renovation and now they are my “house guard” and yard fixer and generally let me know what is happening. Totally trustworthy smart and available! 

A trifecta!

Kateryna VanHeisch

"I've known Juniper for years and years. She's reliable and professional. If you need help, she's your girl!"

​The Raven Fine Consignments

andrea bainbridge

Juniper has saved my life helping me take care of my elderly mom from afar. It doesn't matter what I think up, Juniper and Karl handle it. Getting meals twice a week, arranging to have her Navajo rugs cleaned properly,  potted plants for the patio, getting a mother's day cake. There is nothing she won't do and her costs have been extremely reasonable 
and best of all she makes it so easy.
I only wish I lived in her city so I could have her doing things for me!

ruth zaporah

Having Juniper and Karl in my life has made inhabiting this planet, especially these two acres that I live on on the Santa Fe River so much more pleasant. They make magic. Their smarts, capabilities, willingness and good cheer couldn't be better.They seem to know how to do just about everything so without a blink and seemingly no effort, what's needed gets covered. They're efficient, creative and know their job, know their plants, know how living things work and and what living things need. I'm a stickler for tidyness, grow food in some boxes, have beds of flowers, have at least 40 trees and oodles of plants.

How lucky am I that We Got This Santa Fe got me. 

bev brunson

I am so grateful to have Karl and Juniper to help me with my home maintenance. At my age there are so many chores that I either don’t want to do or can’t. I believe because of wegotthissantafe I will be able to stay in my home much longer than anticipated. Not only are they great at their work, but are a real pleasure to have around. Arrive when scheduled and do the work efficiently. GREAT TEAM!!


I can't recommend We got this Santa Fe enough!. Juniper and Karl not only provide exceptional services in every way possible, but they are extremely professional as well. I depend on them for a couple of properties that I oversee in Santa Fe and they have never let me down. In fact, they usually far exceed my expectations with their reliable and stellar service. Last but not least, I trust them wholeheartedly!